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Michael Parker 3rd Grade Spider

Jump, jump, high

Make webs, cool webs

Swing all around

Erode prey

Catch prey that is awesome to see

Small legs

That can crawl very fast

Eight eyes that see very good

High and low

They can be tenebrous, very tenebrous

They can be poisonous, very poisonous

Emmanuel Tavarez 3rd Grade The Beetle

The beetle is small like a pea, but he still likes me

He is fat, but he cannot start revelry

He has a glowy shell, but is not for sale

His color black

If he bites me, I will give him a “whack”

He looks so wary, but still he looks like a jewel

He’s a little scary, but almost gets eaten by a canary

He walks on the ground, but all around

He can fight

He bird hunting him says “he is out of sight”

He’s as cute as a baby

He can fight a little maybe

Joseph Comstalk 3rd Grade My Favorite Bug

A praying mantis flies, glides, far away

A praying mantis hops, jumps, high in the sky

A praying mantis crawls, walks, low to the ground

A praying mantis is small, tiny, miniature

A praying mantis is pretty, green, beautiful

A praying mantis has claws, huge to scare bugs

A praying mantis lives alone, by itself

A praying mantis says “hide beware”

Naya Gillespie 3rd Grade Ladybugs

Over the grassy meadow

My ladybug flies high in the sky

Ladybugs are very petite

They look almost invisible

It is also dark red

It looks like it is on fire

Ladybugs are adorable

They are like a pretty flower

Ladybugs have four little legs

They are like ants

Ladybugs have three little spots

Like three little circles

Ladybugs have two little antennas

Like two little cords

Ladybug crawl slow

Like an ant

Ladybugs are really round

Like a ball

Ladybugs can’t talk

Like me 


Vith Son 3rd Grade The Fireflies

I like fireflies

and at night they bright the skies

It is small

and it can crawl

It has a slender body

And there are an extra fifty

Flying by

It is peaceful

and always joyful

They will leave someday

They will leave far away 


Chhun So 3rd Grade The Peaceful Mantis

The Peaceful Mantis

Under the clear blue skies,

Just over the thin branches

A graceful mantis just walking by

His body is so slender

He has a leafy green skin

He has a hard strong arm

Where ever he goes,

The feeling of peace follows

Caleb Krout 3rd Grade Bees

Bee flying so high and tall

Free and careless without a care

You sting, and buzz

You make me cry

But then so elegant

Bee you give me chills

but still so heart warming

Your prey, you’re a predator

Stripped in yellow and black,

with wings like silk

You fly so high.

Amazing bee, a piece of art from nature

When you bounce on a rail cling! Cling!

The sound you make

You take off in mid-air whoosh!

Is the noise I hear

You fly by in a flash

You strike and sting

Ouch! I screech in pain.

I pompous inside embracing my arm.

‘I just got stung

By a six legged insect, you fly away without a care. 


Evan Miller 3rd Grade Spiders

Black like a crow

Eight little legs

Quick like a big bird

Nine little eyes

Its web is like a big trap

It can jump high

Swings like a fast wind

It lives in a enormous web

It eats small prey

Quite like a small mouse

Scurries on its way 


Deric Hughes 3rd Grade Ladybug

This insect has pretty polka dots

This bug is small

This insect has beautified wings

This insect has tiny legs 

This insect can eat leaves

This insect is red

This insect likes to crawl

This insect likes to fly

The insect has tiny little eyes

This insect likes to go on people, and give them the quakes.