Anne Clark
Lincoln Charter School
Teacher/PTO & PAC President
Pennsylvania Title One Parent Advisory Council Member 2011-2013

Students learn what excellence looks like from their teachers. “We will leave no one behind, neither academically or behaviorally.”  We are all accountable to each other student and teacher. (Clark, 2010)
Teachers need to verbalize to students “I will not allow you to fail, I will not let you down, and in this class you are safe and needed.” (Clark, 2010)

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.

I believe education will open doors that had once been closed. That the future of our children depends on all of us living the philosophy "It's my job, no excuses." I have been blessed to serve the students of Lincoln Charter School for the last ten years. I am looking forward to the 2010 school year and beyond with your students. I have recently been chosen to serve on the Title One Parent Advisory Council for the State of Pennsylvania representing York, PA. I just returned from a conference held at the Department of Education in Harrisburg. I want to share the information that has been released and intended for any PAC members in the state. If you have an interest in learning more about what is available to all PAC members; I am planning a mini-conference at my home school Lincoln Charter in the month of June. Please send me an e-mail. 

Speaking Up For Every Child Objectives
Share information with parents about how the school system works. 

Share information about parental rights and responsibilities provided by federal and state laws. 

Inform parents about the resources available to them and their children. 

Encourage parents to share in conflict and problem resolution. 

Develop the capacity of all families to be effective advocates. Involve parents in planning for their children's future. 

Empower parents to support their own and other children's success in school by engaging in civic advocacy for student achievement. 

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